MICROSCOPY – The Swamp III / day five

Almost a week now, and am happy to report that there are many micro and macro organisms which seem to be well alive and colonising the swamp.

Not many snails, to my surprise. Saw one or two small ones, maybe 2-3mm. And a larger one, some 6-7mm, brownish. The air bubble beetles are fond of the branch (of which 5cm are sticking out) and walk about it underwater in a bubble of air that they somehow pick up from the surface. These creatures are just the right size (and mass and shape) to exploit surface tension.

Saw some flat worms, small, maybe 5mm, many nematodes twirling about. Some daphnia, but not a crowd. Cyclopes, as well. Many larvae, many dead. Saw what looked like a small 2-3mm fly or mosquito hatching from one on a leaf on the surface. All mosquitoes will be killed. I also saw what I believe are carnivorous oligochaete worms. Many ciliates.

The plants seem to be doing well, although there is much muck on their leaves. Saw some roots in the substrate and also fine strands of algae that seem to be colonising it. They are advancing upwards on the wall of the jar.

One very pretty sight are the bunches of Conochilus, that contract suddenly and then slowly open up again. I do believe they grew to about 2mm across, from 1mm yesterday. They seem to be attached to the wall of the jar, and there are many – several dozen.

The bunch of Conochilus


Recorded focally on an APS-C sensor through a 100x microscope

Saw what looked like ticks, several of them. They are on the underside of small, des leaves floating on the surface. Must really seal this jar.

And some spirogyra algae, lovely as usual:

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