MICROSCOPY – The Swamp III / day two

The water is somewhat clear, with much of the material previously in suspension fallen to the bottom.

Day two – 6.IX.2020


A few (5maybe 6) unidentified beetles cca 5mm long. One seems to have eggs on its belly. They bring bubbles of air underwater and stroll upside down on plants. They climb on top of each other (3 at a time) and relax on the bit of wood protruding from the surface of the water. Some lay motionless among the plants on the bottom.

A snail, possibly more:

Any what I believe to be mosquito larvae. This mens I have to seal the container and find a way to gas them.

The beetles carrying water bubbles underwater:

I saw nematodes, a considerably larger snail-looking creature, green snails, what looked like paramecia and the crustacean-looking things.


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