MICROSCOPY – The Swamp III / one month


There still is life in the jar; very few plants left. Water is surprisingly clear and the algae have all but disappeared from the walls. The twig has sunk well below the water level.

Only one plant seems to have survived. It’s a long thin blade of grass that produced a very nice root that eventually found the bottom. this seems to be surviving and has risen well beyond the surface – it’s flat against the top.

The snail is large 1cm+ and happily wondering around, as are the bubble bugs. Eggs on the stick underwater and on the side of the jar; I suspect the large snail laid them. The algae have all but disappeared from the sides, probably eaten by the snail, as I’ve seen it munch away at them several times. The water is surprisingly clear – I suspect there is not enough light for algae to develop in large numbers. I think the jar *cycled* in the aquarium sense of the term.

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