Week 6

Snails everywhere. I counted 30 just on the exterior wall of the jar. They range from under 1mm to about 6-7mm for the largest ones. They all seem to be of the same kind – the reddish, almost transparent ramshorn snail.

a bunch of Ramshorn snails

The plants – or plant, rather – is thriving, with many stems crawling out of the water on the jar walls and a small forest emerging above the water level in the center of the jar. The long thin spirogyra algae have filled almost all volume which is not already occupied by the water plant.

The water plant emerging from the swamp
The water plant crawling up the jar walls
The jar getting some UV on a sunny day in March

The cyclops are swimming about happily, have spotted females with egg-sacks. Surface tension makes it that a small pellicule of water crawls up the side of the jar – the volume cannot be more than a square mm, if that. I could see with the loupe nematodes, water fleas, snail eggs and many round, perfectly formed coleochaetales algae. I really have to find a way to take pictures through that lens. The magnification is just right, in between naked eye and microscope observation.

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