I use two Takahashi refractors: the 85mm FSQ and the 60mm FS-CB. The optics are corrected and there is no colour aberration or coma.

The 85mm f/ 5.3 FSQ ED is the smaller astrograph from the FSQ series and it is made specifically for APS-C sensors found on DSLRs. It has a four element double ED Petzval system that has a sample Strehl of 0.975 (1 is perfect). By adding a second doublet inside the tube any astigmatism is removed and it acts as a field flattener. The FSQ is color corrected from the near UV to the near IR.

The smaller, 60mm f/5.9 FS-CB is a calcium fluorite doublet that corrects colour aberration. It is a highly modular scope that can be brought to a whopping f/20 with various barlows and other extenders, so it’s viable for planetary and lunar photography as well. Also works well for autoguiding. The native focal length is 355mm, so at f/5.9 it’s perfect for deep-sky. It’s the ultimate portable scope, together with the Teegul mount, suitable for eclipses and for the associated travel. In-depth review for geeks here.

60mm f/5.9 FS-CB carried by the Teegul III mount on a photo tripod


A note regarding photographing the Sun: ANY MISTAKE WILL CAUSE INSTANT, IRREVERSIBLE BLINDNESS. When photographing the Sun, the instrument used acts as a very high-powered magnifying glass that concentrates all the Sun’s heat and energy directly on your retina causing nasty burns, instant blindness and equipment damage (both optics and sensor). Refrain from solar astrophotography if you don’t have the necessary equipment or don’t know what you’re doing. Always use undamaged, full-aperture filters. This is no joke and consequences are severe.

This is the Astrozap full aperture solar filter made of Baader sheet that produces a blueish-white image that somewhat improves contrast compared to generic Mylar sheet filters. Due to its being very thin, creases have no impact on image quality. Used on the FSQ85:

I use a home-made full aperture solar filter for the FS-CB60, made of generic Mylar sheet that produces a yellowish image, quite similar to the colour of the Sun. Luck has it that photographic 77mm diameter filters snugly fit inside the dew-shield of the FS-CB60. I use a circular polarising filter (hama PL CIR 77 IV) on which I hot-glued (oh, the horror) the Mylar sheet: